Can MS Forms responds be saved in specific location? Like Computer folder?

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Hello everyone,

Just wanted to reach out and see if anyone can answer my question. Once a respond is submitted on forms; can it automatically save to a specific folder on my computer? or do I need to manually save them on my computer? I need to keep records of all responds for audit purposes. 


Thanks in advance!

Freddy Garcia

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You can download a local copy of responses for your personal form or sync your responses to an online Excel workbook for your group form by clicking 'Open in Excel' in responses view. You also can create your form through online workbook as below, in that way, the responses will be automatically synced to your workbook whenever there is a new response submitted.




@Dingkun Xie , I have tried creating a Form from the existing workbook online. Everything worked but the form responses seem to be going to a new tab in the existing workbook. Is there a way to add the new responses below the existing items.

Just to explain - the workbook is a list of reported bugs. We want to have a form for bug reporting and it would be nice if they went to the bottom of the existing list in the workbook. 

Yes, that's how it's designed - each new form will sync responses to a new tab.

@freddyatpepsico what we ALWAYS do at my company is to save each form response to a SharePoint list via a flow in Power Automate. This is for audit reasons and so that if anything happens to the form or the questions we still have a record of each response..


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