Can I have users select a range of dates in the date input format?

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Q: how long will you be gone?

A: 9/1/2018 - 9/8/2018


This would be like the interface for when you're buying plane tickets and select a departure and return date.

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Hi Matt


Not that I am aware of.


But as another way to go, you could try to use Branching to do the following (example):


1. Question: Are you intending to take leave?


Choosing Yes will trigger the next two questions to appear


2. From what date?

3. To what date?



So having a trigger question to lead into the other (Date) questions will let you capture the FROM and TO dates.


After creating the questions above, find Branching in the ... menu top right of the browser forms window, click onto Branching, and configure your questions as necessary.


Hopefully that makes sense and helps.


Best of luck with your form!