Can I have my form choice question look up the answers?

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I have a simple form for people to fill out to acknowledge they have read a briefing. These answers get put into a Sharepoint list.


One of the questions is "which briefing did you read?". Can i get this to be a dropdown that looks up the briefing titles available (in a sharepoint document library. Or maybe from an excel) instead of me adding an option every time a new briefing is published?


Is this possible?




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@samdavidson no, there is no functionality in Forms to look up anything. 


At my company we issue safety briefings as part of a contract and I created the system using Forms, Power Automate and SharePoint to replace a commercial system costing several thousand UK pounds a month. The briefing details are added to the Forms form and a PDF is uploaded...



...and saved automatically by a flow in Power Automate as an attachment to a new list item. 




A JSON-formatted button in the list is then used to trigger another flow to send out the briefing and the administrator can select teams will receive it (from another list).



The user receives an email with the briefing as an attachment but the email is an approval adaptive card which means they just need (within 30 days) to add any comments then click a submit button.  




The adaptive card then "closes" so they can't submit the read confirmation more than once, but can still read the attachment. 




The flow adds their name and date and any comments they made into another list:



This is a more complex approach but works well, meets the terms of the contract and provides an audit trail of who has read the briefing. I haven't provided screenshots of the flows but can do so if it would help.


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Thanks! That's a better solution to what i was envisioning. If I could get some screenshots of the flows that would be really helpful.