Can i edit a file that was aded as an anwer?

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I made a form in which my students had to gave answer with the photo, that they uplouded as a file. 

Can i edit those photos? or if i can edit their photo and returned saved&corrected one within anwer box? Can that be managed? Can that be updated? 

Thanks for answer. 


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Hi @TeacherJO 

You will find the uploaded photos in your OneDrive in the folder Apps --> Microsoft Forms
Find and review the files uploaded for your question (you need to scroll down on the site)
If the form is shared with a Microsoft 365 Group, you can find it on the connected SharePoint Teamsite.

You can download the photos from there and edit.
The only ways I see to return the files to the students is sending per Teams chat message or mail.

Hope this helps a bit and regards.


I made it like that. 

I wish i could return edited photo in that "window" for comments... I hope you know what i mean? 


Thanks for your reply. 

Best regards.