Can I capture a Forms' questions as well as responses

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I'm wondering if via MS Flow I can capture a Forms' questions as well as the responses, does anyone know?


My scenario: 

- Prior to heading out to work on a hitch (usually 2 weeks on/off cycles) employees must answer various HSE questions

- currently this is done via phone conversations

- I want to move this to MS Forms because it's perfect for that

- however, over time the pre-hitch questions will change

- for compliance reasons we need to know 'what we asked' & 'when' as well as the responses.


So, is it possible to capture questions & responses via a MS Form submit? I can easily capture and send responses to SharePoint but I need the questions as well.


Or, are the questions stored somewhere else tagged with a date/time eg in the JSON code of the flow?


Any help, greatly appreciated. Thanks

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@Eelman68 no, it isn't possible to capture the questions even by parsing the JSON of the response. If you add new questions you'll need to add another column into your SharePoint list for that question and the response, and then you'll need to adjust the flow.


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Thanks for getting back to me. I'll just have to see if I can do this some other way. Cheers