Can I auto populate a dropdown list from an excel file?

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I want to auto populate a dropdown list answers from an existing excel file.

Is there any way to achieve this?


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Hi @AndresCacho 


Unfortunately that's not a feature of Forms at this time. It will have to be manually populated and changed.




I have been looking for something like this as they have it on the google platform.  I can't believe this simple function isn't available after all this time for a request.  @AndresCacho 

@Damien Rosario Any updates on this? Is it possible to programmatically populate a dropdown using flow/power automate?

@Shahzad Syed no it's not, there are no actions in Power Automate to do that.


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@RobElliott  Is there any update. Being able to populate an ms form from excel, Sharepoint, or MS SQL server should be a priority for Microsoft.

@drewbennett35 no there's no update and it doesn't appear on the Forms roadmap.


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