Can forms integrate with Active Directory?

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I am new to Forms and would like to set up the ability for any internal corporate users that complete the form to have their username from AD auto-filled in the form, or in the response.  However, I cannot find where AD can connect to Forms.  Is this possible?

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If you use the "Only people in my organization can respond" option when sharing the form, you get a column added to the responses for e-mail address and Name which both pull from Azure AD on the responses sheet when they submit their form entry, they do not see this it just auto populates in the back end.

@Kara Brake - The form automatically knows your AD information when launched by you.

Good point everyone, but no one really answered the question.   Put another way - "Can Forms integrate with AD (or Azure AD) and provide a way to update user information fields.  Specifically from the "job info" and "contact info" pages?   Just my two cents.  

@TwinCessna not directly but it should be do-able via a flow in Power Automate:


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Can you get a field in the that when selected by a user, they can search Azure AD and get the AD user details. As I have the situation, where by a teacher will be completing the form for a student, whose details will be selected from AD and updated on the form. Is this possible, if so, how can it be done please. Kind regards