Can Forms 365 add a calculated field

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Hi all:

Is it possible to add set of options that will automatically add up on the form if that option is chosen?

Example: How many coloured balls would you like to buy?

The person filling out with form selects Option 1 and 4.

_X_Option 1 - 10 Balls in Red - $1.00

___Option 2 - 20 Balls in Blue - $2.00

___Option 3 - 30 Balls in Green - $3.00

_X_Option 4 - 40 Balls in Pink - $4.00 

Your total for all Balls selected is: __$5.00______  (the form automatically calculated $5.00)

If FORMS in 365 cannot do this, can you recommend a Form that can do this, and that has all the other great functionality that FORMS 365 has? Thanks so much in advance for your advice. I can't seem to get answers when I call the 365 hotline. No one on the phone can answer this question.






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@joZ99 no, unfortunately there is no functionality that lets you do calculations like that. If the people completing the form were in your organisation you could create a Power Apps form which does allow you to build quite complex calculations. But from your question I assume that people will be outside your organisation you'll need to use a non-Office 365 app like Jotform.


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Thanks so much for your reply.

Unfortunately, my forms go to adult "students" and so all of them are outside the 365 organization.

It is just the three of us, me, myself and I, that is sending it to 100+ recipients. I appreciate the advice on another App... I will either try a work around with Forms 365... get them to use their own amazing Math skills to add up numbers and write down their answer, and/or I will start looking at Jotform. It seems like such a simple "add-in" to be able to "add-up" but as I am not a techy I am sure it is challenging to create install into Forms 365. Maybe someday soon so I can return it using it.

What a great resource this Forum is as I have tried asking this same question by phoning Microsoft and none of their experts had expertise in Forms.

Thanks again...


You are right. As a one person operation, I need one good app that works with "outsiders"... I wish the Business Version 365 could aspire to be better than the competition, an app like Jotform...

365 Forms should be able to do at least as much as them. Hopefully they will catch up.

I am not trying to be negative... I really enjoy 365. As the needs of my small business increase I would like to be able to stay within 365 and not look outside.

@joZ99 You could do a new form - Quiz, that allows for calculated fields I believe


@Jimmy_WHite Unfortunately that isn't actually a calculated field, it just allows you to ask math/calculation questions. Forms still won't calculate data entered by respondents (ex. creating estimates like you can do in jotform). 

Score Calculation: Microsoft Forms allowed you to assign point values to answer choices in multiple-choice questions. You could then calculate scores based on the responses to these questions. This was commonly used in quizzes and assessments.@joZ99 

thanks to all who have replied! It is a great community here!