Build a questionnaire using multiple select answers

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I am not sure I am phrasing this question correctly.


My new employer (Financial services) has a client on boarding process that relies heavily on Word documents for information gathering. Many of the forms require the same basic information. Currently there is a Word doc for each service that a new client has available.


I would like to understand if it is possible to create an information gathering Microsoft Form based on an initial multiple select question.



New client has a choice of the following example services - 

Company Tax Registration

Company Voluntary Strike off

Payroll Services

Company Account Management


So question 1 would be a multiple select of the above examples.

I would like the rest of the form to then present the relevant questions in order to gather the predetermined information based on services required.


I found a question that explains the same dilemma but it was related to Adobe:

"first page would have a set of check-boxes that identify what information is needed in the form.  After clicking the appropriate check-boxes on the first page, a custom version of the form would be generated, with only the needed sub-pages displayed."


Thank you

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@Brizzo27 yes this can be done easily with Forms. You would have a section for each of the example services. Then use branching to take the user to the appropriate section and question based on what they selected in Question 1. So if Company Tax Registration was selected in Q1 then you would tell the form to branch to the first question the Company Tax Registration section and then down to each of the subsequent questions in that section until you got to the last question which would then branch to the end of the form. Same with each of the other services.




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Ah I see, so a section first for each service, then branching.


I will try this now and revert.


Thank you very much.

@Brizzo27 add the sections, then add the questions in each section and finally do the branching.


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I hope I have not misunderstood.


Can you advise if they were to select multiple options?


How you describe works well for one service:

Company Tax Registration Required -> Yes -> Branch to the relevant section -> complete details ->Submit


But if they also wanted to add more services, how can this be built in?


An example:


A new company would like to have the services "Tax Registration" and "Salary Services", but are not interested "Voluntary Strike-Off" services.


Section 1: "Tax Registration" -> Yes

Section 2: "Salary Services" -> Yes

Section 3: "Voluntary Strike-off" -> No


Then a bunch of fields relating to those selections would show.


Can this be done in forms?


To build a form based on multiple previous answers, rather than branching to terminate after one selection.


Thank you


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@Brizzo27 no that isn't possible: as branching won't work the same way with multi-select answers. They would need to complete a form for each service they required. Branching from an individual response in a multi-select answer isn't do-able, you can only branch to a specific section.


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