bug: scrolling causes points to increment/decrement when grading quiz (in Chrome on Mac)

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I noticed an uncanny and particularly annoying new bug when marking a Quiz in MS Forms:
After entering a score for a question in the Review page, if I scroll down immediately to the next question, the integer value I just entered decrements by one (or sometimes more)!


The bug occurs in Chrome on a Mac and is hard to pick up. -- It took me quite a while to work out what was miraculously causing the values to change ;)
It is due, I believe, to the form field listening to the scroll-wheel.


Needless to say, this bug is particularly dangerous for anybody using MS Forms for tests/exams since the entered grades for questions can change without one noticing!


Can the Microsoft Forms developers please fix this immediately by disabling scrolling on input: 




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i am having the same issue. Have you heard anything further?

Hi @amyfeen,

No, I haven't had any response from Microsoft, and the problem hasn't been fixed in the meantime.

It's quite an annoying bug ;)