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I made a form where some answers are emoji's. All started well (when there were not a lot of answers), but now the report generated is wrong for all questions using emoji's. The responses in the report indicate a 100% use of the sad emoji, while in the excel generated report all possibles are present.Capture1.PNGCapture2.PNG

It saddens me I have to count all the emoji answers manually, is there a bug-fix for this?

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Thank you for letting us know this issue. I am also able to reproduce this bug.
Our engineer is looking into this. I'll keep you posted on the status.

Thanks again!
Thank you for your patience. The bug should be fixed now. Could please check from your side and let me know if you still see an issue? Thanks!


it saddens me to report to you the bug is still happening in my form report page. The excell still gives the right results.

Thanks for checking. Turns out that the bug fix is being rolled out, and it'd take about 1 week minimum to get to you. Sorry about the confusion. I'll provide an update when it's available.