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Branching using answer from earlier question.

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I've got a questionnaire for 1 group with people in two roles. In the beginning, I would like to ask a selection question and use this every now and then to exclude 1 group and move further with the other. To resume with all. Is this possible with branching?

q1: are you in role 1 / role 2 (use this answer throughout the questions)

q2: for all

q3: only for role 1 (with the answer from q1)

q4: only for role2

q5: for all

q6only for role 1

q7 for all


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@CoertVanDuijnen no this isn't possible in the way you've written it. The only way you could achieve this is to have Question 2 for role 1 and the same question, Question 2a for role 2 and then go down each channel as follows:





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