Branching to previous questions in Forms??Workaround??

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Does Forms allow you to branch from one question to a previously used question? I need this to collect data from multiple sections instead of creating a new Form for each question.



Q1: Select Insurance Coverage

* Auto (what kind of Auto)

* Home

* Flood



What kind of Auto?

** New (Would you like add'l coverage)

** Used (Would you like add'l coverage)



Would you like add'l coverage?

** Yes ( Q1) .........<<????>>>

** No (End)


Answering YES - The user could then go back to select another coverage and fill out the appropriate questions. Doesn't seem to work.





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Hi Matt @merhartic 


Unfortunately no, Forms doesn't allow you to repeat the question again once it's been answered. It only allows one off responses.


The way I've handled this particular situation in my own forms was at Q3 (using your questions as an example), if user selects Yes, then opens up the duplicate Q1 and Q2 again below it.


So basically Q4 and Q5 are copies of Q1 and Q2 from earlier.


Repeat as needed by assessing how many further insurances you think most users might want to apply for and duplicating Q3 as the trigger.


Hope that makes sense? Please let me know if you have any questions.




Thanks Damien-- huge help!