Branching rules not working when reopening survey.

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Branching rules are not working correctly when respondents return to survey.

Scenario is:
635 unique individual Forms Pro survey links prepared and email using Flow every week.

Majority (90%+) of users complete survey on mobile devices (phones and or tablets)

All respondents are users with microsoft 365 accounts.

When respondent exits survey and then returns, branching rules are 'broken'. Respondents return to last survey section/question open.

Error: Questions that should be hidden are visible. Hidden questions are 'required' but only when branching rules make them visible.

Work around: Respondent presses embedded back button at bottom of page and returns to first question. Change status of first question, all branching rules are reset and error clears.

This requires urgent fix. Please. This is causing high level disruption to a large percentage of respondents and users are entering poor/incorrect data as a result.
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Agree. I am having the same issue!!