Branching Option Not Available in My Form

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I am trying to setup a short quiz with 4 questions that is using Branching.  This is for a on-line class.  Here is some of the information concerning the form:

  • Created using New Quiz
  • It has 4 multiple choice questions
  • The questions are all single answer (Multiple answer is turned off)
  • The Show Results Automatically option is turned off in settings

I have tried to use the New Form option and to create simple two question forms.  


See screenshots



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Hi @mwhvt 


I've visited your form and I have the branching option available.




Have you tried a different web browser to see if that fixes the issue?


In the meantime, I can set your Branching for you if you want to tell me the combos? At least it'll get your form working :)





I was originally working in Chrome, but also tried to use Microsoft Edge. The problem exists when using both browsers.

Thank you for your kind offer to make the changes for me, but that will not be necessary. This form was an assignment for an on-line course on Microsoft Forms. I had turned in my work with a description of the problem and received credit for the course.

I tried a second laptop and it is not displaying Browsing either. However, I did find it, but in another location. It was not in the upper left hand corner, but rather on the ellipsis (…) at the bottom of the question next to the Required selection. (Shuffle Options | Drop Down | Math | Subtitle | Add Branching). I don't have the option to add a screenshot.

Thanks again for your help and have a very Happy Thanksgiving!

Hi @mwhvt 


Glad to hear things went well with your assignment and that you eventually found the option, albeit in a different place to where it usually is.


Hope everything goes well for you in the future!


Cheers and best wishes


@Damien Rosario 


Hi, i've the same problems with 2 students, they dont have the branching button, only the possibility to do it question by question...


Any ideas about how to resolve this ?


Thank you

Hi @Arnaud_Rousseaux 


I'm not sure when this change came through but a few users have reported seeing it in their tenancy.


Unfortunately since I don't access to the new set up, I can't tell if there's another way to do it except from what you guys have described which is question by question.


Interestingly, the Microsoft Forms support materials still show it in the old place.


When I get the update, I'll have a play and let you know if I come up with anything.


Good luck!


@Damien Rosario 


today the branching option just disappeared from my Company's Forms. Existing branching still works, but I cannot edit anything nor set a new condition.

Until yesterday it used to be under the ellipsis, now I find only options to change the main language and so on. I tried from Chrome, Firefox, Edge, also from a different computer/user, but the result is still the same, with all forms I created and also for new ones.


Annotazione 2020-04-15 111006.png







What can I do?






Nevermind, I found it. I had to look under the specific question I wanted to add branching to.
My bad.
Thank you anyway.

Hi @aganarini 


They've been rolling out this change across the board so a while ago we had people who had the Branching in settings and some with branching per question. Not your bad at all, they just moved the goal posts :)




@Damien RosarioWith the branching option now showing on the ellipsis for each question I am not seeing a way to add branching based on the individuals response to a question as was available previously (i.e. if they select "Yes" go to question 5, if "No" go to question 10). Am I missing an option to do that? Thanks!

Hi @klgustaf 


Other than moving the branching option to each question, it should work the same way it previously did.





Once under branching options, you should be able to click onto any item and add the branching as necessary.


If you're not seeing the screen above, can you please show what you see when you are branching on choice questions please?