Branching logics and response


Hi, first of all thanks for this great feature!


It works for smaller surveys or quizes at the time, but lack some important features for bigger or "smarter" surveys.


1. Branching logic - Example: we have 4 questions "Do you have an a facebook account?", "Do you follow our facebook page?", "Why arent you following our facebook page?", "What can we do better on our facebook page?".


For the time being a person with no facebook account still needs to answer all the other questions. With the branching logics, if you dont have an account you will be sent to the "thank you for participating"-page. If you are following the facebook page you will be sent to "What can we do better..."-page instead of the question in line "Why arent you following...".


2. A good, easy and neat response tool. Statistics, colored grapghs and charts, comments. Everything should be embedded in the website not excel (the option of excel should also be there!), and an easy "share the link of the response page" feature so I can send it to my colleagues fast. Its also good if I can se how every user have answered, like how user 23 has answered all of the questions and not just the summary of all the answers from all the users.


3. A logo/picture or a nice background template/color of our own would be nice and sometimes professional.


4. An URL shortener, costom made is the best. Example:[insert surveyname1]


5. A feature that links you to the customers webpage (or any other link) after the survey/quiz


This is what Im missing and really hope you consider.


I hope you understand what im trying to say. Otherways Ill try to explain it even better.


Best regards


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Thanks for taking the time and sharing detailed feedback, Rami. Most of these features are in our backlog currently.