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I am creating a long questionnaire using Microsoft Forms and I am encountering branching issues.


I have been able to branch once at the beginning of the form, but I can't seem to be able to skip questions going forward.


For instance, if the answer to question #12 is "No", I want it to jump to question #14. When I select question #14 in the branching section, it would not select it and keeps "Next question" as the only option.

If have tried selecting other questions but it does not work either. And this is the same for all questions going forward from that point.


Any idea what the reason would be?


Many thanks!

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You can make the questions branch at any time. What type of fields are you using?




Hi Pieter,

I am trying to branch Option 2 of Question 1 with Question 22. It does not work and sticks to "Next question"...

So that would be something like this:



Yes, but I can't select question 22.

Ok, The dropdown is a bit clumsy. Select the last question you can see in the dropdown. Then open the dropdown again and seelct the next last question. The dropdown doesn't seem to scroll very well.

Thanks, I managed to branch in several attempts, but it was quite tedious on my 84 question form!


I think this is a bug that will have to be patched by Microsoft for the Forms to work well and be the great tool it should be.


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I agree, Forms could still be improved a bit


CC: @Kathy Liu

@Pieter Veenstra Does anyone know why my question is not branching correctly by showing a question it should not? I have never encountered this and have tried deleting and replacing the branched question.

For example, my question reads:
4. Have you considered other employees for this role?

Yes branches to 5. If yes, please indicate who you considered and shows 6. If no, please indicate why you have not considered others. It is not supposed to show question 6.

If No is selected, it branches correcting and moves to 6. If no ...