Branching in Registration Not Working Properly

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Hello - 

I've been playing with this for over an hour and I'm at a loss. 

There's a yes/no question (you cannot select multiple options) where I'd like the "yes" to continue to the next and final page and the "no" to return to the subsequent page. For some reason, the "yes" is continuing as it should but the "no" is only allowing me to "submit" the entire form instead of retuning to the subsequent page. My branching for the "no" option indicates the correct previous page, not the end of form, so I have no idea what's going on but I feel like I'm losing my mind over here! I've even tried to add the question with branching to other pages to see if it would work, but to no avail. See below images. Thank you for your help!


Branching to previous Swag page.

Swag No - Branching Overview.JPG


Only allows person to select "Submit", not return to the swag page, for which it is clearly branched.

Swag No.JPG

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@ginamushrock even though it gives you the option to branch to a previous question, you can't actually do it. The Microsoft support page about this says:"

  • You can only branch to a question that comes after the current one, and not a preceding question. For example, if you have seven questions in your form and want to add branching to question 4, it can only branch to questions 5, 6, 7, or end of form. 

  • If you try to branch to a preceding question, such as question 4 branching to question 2, it will break the experience for the student, causing their quiz or form to skip questions 5 through 7 and take them directly to the end of the form with the Submit button."

The best option is to make your question 4 mandatory. Alternatively (not so good) add the same swag selection question again after the confirmation question and branch to that new question if the user has selected "I have not".


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