Branching based on two questions

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I have "Office 365 Form," which uses branching to show questions based on the previous one.

However, there are situations where I need to customize branchings based on more than one question.

Like if Q1 was Yes and Q2 was also Yes, then show the Q3, or similar scenarios.

How can I do that?

If it is not possible with the current version, what solution would be the best to follow up?

I was thinking of a Javascript form. However, there are good things about "MS Forms" that I might miss.

One is that it automatically signs in the user as they are already logged in to their Office account.

Or I can easily mix this with Power Automate.

I appreciate any guide you can provide.

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@azolfaghari  With Forms you would need to ask Question 1 and branch based on that answer, then ask Question 2 and branch based on that answer. It starts to get a bit fiddly as you need to account for every possible combination of answers. Easier in Power Apps..


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