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Hey everyone, 


I'm working on a work-around for our nurses to report caseloads on communicable diseases. These are 93 different diseases, and for each there will be 4 questions. In the end, it'll be nearly a 400 question "survey". In reality, maybe 5 different diseases will need to be accesses on any given day, so I am trying to use branching to make it an easy and quick to navigate form. 

Above is the CD list which branches off of this single question. Once the nurse enter their name and date in section 1, it automatically will send them here. I only want this question to serve as a "switchboard" to route them to the questions they need. 




For each individual disease, it looks like this, with the page supposed to route to back to the CD list section:




The problem is that instead of going back to the CD list question, it only gives you the option to Submit or Back. It will not go back to this "switchboard" question. 

I have also tried moving the switchboard question to different parts of the Form, and also tried using a fifth question that would've branched them either back to the CD list or to submit the form. Neither worked. 


Is there a way to make this work, or does Forms actively work against allowing this type of "switchboard" to work? 


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@lovea70 Forms cannot go back to that "switchboard" question.


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