Branching - all options visible

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HI, I have a problem with Branching. Here's my scenario:

Q1: Have you participated in training (Yes; No)
If user selects Yes, I'm directing him to Q2 (please rate training using Stars rating)
If user selects No, I'm directing him to Q3 (please comment why you did not participated)

In both cases only one branch should be visible to user after selecting answer in Q1.
But when I was testing, here's what happened: I chose No and Q3 appeared. But when I changed my answer to Yes, I saw both Q2 and Q3 (and Q3 should not be visible!). I refreshed the survey and answered Yes - and again I saw both Q2 and Q3, which should not happen.
I tried that in Explorer, Chrome and Firefox, and I had the same issue. What's wrong?

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