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This morning, we are encountering an issue with all of our Microsoft Forms we have been able to test in our Tenant. When users complete the form, they get a blank page instead of the welcome response message. We are a GCC tenant; I am not encountering this issue with a MSDN based dev tenant, or a personal Microsoft Forms account.

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@MLWakemanDSM There is an bug in the code cause this issue, we are working on fix it now, sorry for the inconvenience 

we have the same issues, but works for me, but everyone else send to does not get Thank you screen, just blank


any updates on fix? @Yao Ke 

@MikiP our ETA is this fix will be available next Tuesday

@Yao Ke  We are seeing this too, of course the day that we sent out one of our FIRST city-wide surveys.   It will take until next Tuesday to fix?  So nearly a week with a broken app for GCC?  

@Yvonne Hertel Thanks for bring this up, it is not an easy fix, the engineer team is actively fix the issue. As you mentioned for the urgency, I will push try to get this done by weekend. I will update here when the fix is ready.

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@Yvonne Hertel Checked with the team. we pushed a fix to GCC environment so the issue should be fixed now. please verify

@Yao Ke  yes working for us, thank you!

@Yao Ke  This appears to be resolved now.  THANK YOU for the quick response!!!!!

Looks to be working for us today too. Thanks

@Yao Ke - My testing showed the thank you pages were working, but after a few more uses, we are seeing the thank you page only intermittently.


Here is a form I've been using for testing:

@MLWakemanDSM Thanks for mention this, we rolled back a build last week so the issue solved, but as access the page may hit different server which will cause the problem, a permanent fix is going to be enabled so the issue will be fixed after that fix