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Hello all,


I am creating a work order submission form and I would like to "gray out" today and tomorrow as options for delivery (we need 2 days to complete the work, so they cannot choose today/tomorrow as delivery dates).  Is this possible?


Ultimately this is going to Sharepoint via Flow and entering an approval workflow so I could check the date then, but it would be better if the user is told right away that they must choose a date that is at least 2 days in the future.  I considered describing that in the question, but no one will adhere to that; if they can choose same-day delivery they will!!


thanks in advance!

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Hi @DeclanHalpin 


I don't believe you can grey out dates in that way.


I would suggest to use the written warning anyway and have flow remove any dates less than 2 days into the future.


You could also have flow send a reponse email saying that the date they have chosen is less than 2 days notice and the flow has automatically pushed the date out.


The other option is to use PowerApps to ensure that you can program the date to be unavailable if less than 2 days out.


Cheers and best wishes


Thanks, @Damien_Rosario 


Can you clarify the PowerApps solution?  I haven't explored PowerApps because I thought it was only for developing mobile apps.  Hopefully I am incorrect!







Hi @DeclanHalpin 


I personally use PowerApps to build apps that we use on SharePoint and whatnot as Desktop type apps. You can adjust the dimensions of the canvas to suit your needs.


PowerApps is a bit involved but here's an example of the Date Picker in PowerApps where I have set it to 2 days ahead (see the attributes to the right). With some further conditions it could probably also disallow anything before two days from today but hopefully it gives you an idea.


You would need to link this app to something like a SharePoint list to get it going so if your requirements are really simple and nothing else is needed, it may be worthwhile to go down the Flow option I mentioned earlier else this is the first day of your new journey into PowerApps.


There's lots of videos and websites around that can help with getting you started as well as a more expert community who can assist at




See how you go?