Best low code solution to a march madness bracket form

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I'm working on creating a low code march madness type bracket sheet (32 teams, 4 regions, 7 rounds). I have a working prototype in Excel, however it is going to take some time to code the html, javascript, and APIs to collect the user data from an excel sheet embedded in a webpage, send it to a SharePoint list, and then clear the excel sheet. I tried MS forms, but am unable to have the first bracket selection populate the next bracket. In excel it simply provides a dropdown of the binary choice for the user to select from the second round to the champion, and the selection populates the next round, to the championship bracket. I would like to have this in MS forms or Power Apps, without users seeing eachother's selections, but have not yet figured out how to include the logic: user selects one team from bracket A and one team from bracket B which then populate bracket C, and the binary choice continues populating in the same manner until only one team is left as the champion.


I have a MS form set up for the weekly selection (voting a team into the next round) where the user selection populates a SharePoint list for tabulating "voting" to determine which team moves forward to the next week. However, I've been asked to create the initial user completed brackets with the logic above, store it in a SharePoint list, and prepare it for embedding into a webpage on a very tight time schedule. Is there a way to do this with Forms or Power Apps, or is this use case simply not possible?

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@Dana_H12 I can't even begin to suggest a solution (other than that Forms won't be the solution) as I have absolutely no idea what a "march madness type bracket sheet" is. If you are ableto explain your requirements in more detail we might be able to suggest ways to do it.


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It looks like I need to create an html on-click button to trigger a java script function to copy the specific cells from the Excel March Madness Brackets, use an Axios POST to send the data to a SharePoint list, and then clear the data from the Excel web app worksheet which is embedded in a webpage. Really wish I could use a simple MS Forms to SharePoint list, but I couldn't find a low code or no code solution.


If Microsoft Forms ever evolves such that the answer from one question can be used as an answer to a second question, that would be helpful: e.g. Select between a binary choice (option 1 or option 2), then the selected choice becomes one of two options to answer the next question, in a bracket fashion. Here is an example of a March Madness bracket layout:


Screenshot 2023-03-03 at 3.24.12 PM.png