Best Forms Practice to manage thousands of forms

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Hi All, 


Our organization has about a few thousand forms from different departments.  We want each department to be responsible for managing their own forms in case someone leaves, however, we like to oversee everything in case we need to step in. What's the best practice to organize all of those forms and have the security established for each department not being able to modify another department? 



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Did you ever find out how to best control this?
We have users who create Forms and processes around them, then leave the company only to have the Form vanish. Forms tied to user accounts seems incredibly bad.

@Julian King  Having a service account be the owner is how we've done it so far.  Our org allows assigning one or more users as owners of the service account.  When one leaves just take them off, put any replacements on, and always have your main top admins as one of the owners for safety.


Something new, though: you can move the form to a group, then the group/team owns the form.   


However, try this with a test one first.  Once you move a form into a group you can't move it back out.  This capability is fairly new, and not all glitches have been worked out yet.  


For instance, sending an invitation to fill out a group form is resulting in an error, "Oops, send failed. Please send again."  Yet, the recipient gets the email and can fill out the form just fine. 


Edit: tried the invitation to fill out a group-owned form in a dev tenant, worked fine.  Something specific to our environment, then.