Autofill answers on Form with answers from previous Form

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So I am trying to create a flow using Microsoft Forms and I am wondering if it possible to auto-populate answers on a Microsoft Form using answers from a previous Microsoft Form?


Basically, I want a customer to be able to submit a request using a Microsoft Form. After the activity is completed, I want to be able to send another Form asking about the experience with the information from the submit request form already populated in the new form so that they don't have to refill in the same information.


Is this kind of thing possible? I would appreciate any thoughts on how to make this an efficient process! Thanks!

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@TaylorRandolph not within Forms itself, you would need to to use a flow in Power Automate to send an email back to the client with their answers from the first form and a link to the second form, but it wouldn't auto-populate the answers from the first form. I believe something like that is possible with Forms Pro but we don't use it.


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