Auto Populate feature not available in Microsoft Forms

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I sincerely request microsoft forms to come up with auto populate feature. Its long time and i have found many business users demanding the same in various forums but same not been adhered yet. 


There could be a possibility of making auto populate functionality using power apps or power automate, but a person coming from non programming background would find it difficult to implement the same. 


It would be really really helpful if you could provide some auto populate feature in microsoft forms. 


For eg, In my business scenario, I have to take collection followup feedback data from my teams (30 members) through forms. 

IF a user in my team enters a Loan account number, he also have to enter the corresponding customer name, mobile number and due amount manually which is time consuming and prone to typo errors. Can this be auto- populated so that if one enters loan account number, corresponding field values of customer name, mobile number and due amount are auto populated in the forms.  Thus he can save the time and just enter the collection feedback details of the same.    



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