Auto fill responder information from individual responders with multiple answers

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I am creating a form that is used to collect information about projects.

I would like for the responders to be able to send in several responses, but without having to enter their contact information every time.


Basically I would like to have a button/link at the end of the form saying -"add information about another project" which would re-launch the form but with the personal information pre-filled.
I understand that i could do it in branches, but it wouldn't be nearly as nice as what i want to achieve, especially being able to have the responses as individual ones in the output-spreadsheet.

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Hi @Anders_Nilsson, if the responders are within your organisation then they don't need to enter their contact info at all as Forms knows who they are via their Office 365 login. That gets saved to the spreadsheet, or you can use Flow to capture the response and the responder and save it all to a SharePoint list.


But re-launching a form: no, that's not currently possible as far as I am aware.


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