Attachment upload field in Forms

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Hi all- has anyone figured out a way to add an attachment option when creating a Microsoft Form, or has Microsoft given a timeline on when this will be available? Thanks!

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There are some very good reasons why File Upload is not available outside your organization:


  1. You don't want someone you don't know uploading a suspect payload into your environment.
  2. Externally facing forms are too easy to overload even if you have upload limits on a per/file basis. You can imagine your 1TB OneDrive area filling up pretty quickly if someone wanted to spam you.

These above cases are actually more common than you think out in the wild.

@Angus McPherson 


I don't have that option as of 2/28/2020.

I also have "Only people in my organization can respond" Selected and still don't have the option. @Robert Barbrow 

Sorry, No clue. It just works for me
You could reach out to Jon Kay on twitter perhaps
It just took time it works now

Does anyone else receive SharePoint email notifications when files are uploaded against a file upload question? 

My form started off as a personal form that was then moved to a group form but emails are going to me every time documents are uploaded and I want to turn these off? 

when will the function of anonymous user can upload files?@Yong Qiu 

@Yong Qiu, can you reply to this question? I'm also getting such request from users in my organization that need this key missing functionality...!

@Yong Qiu Hello, is there any update on anonymous forms users being able to upload attachments?

@Blackie24 no, no update yet.


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