Attachment upload field in Forms

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Hi all- has anyone figured out a way to add an attachment option when creating a Microsoft Form, or has Microsoft given a timeline on when this will be available? Thanks!

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Only thing roadmap wise we got from ignite on that was this year. So could be at any point, but it's def. not supported yet.

@Michelle_Lavin Hi Michelle, we have already worked on file upload and still need some time to finish the remaining items. Thanks!

Thank you ! This will greatly increase adoption in my business. MacForms is really rather snazzy in comparison to FORMS... however the seamlessness with other O365 applications continues to be critical.
Is there an ETA for this to be added to forms?

Need to know whether to start building a form in Google otherwise.


@ChristieMaq Hi Chris, if everything goes well, you could see this feature on Aug.2019. Thanks!

@Yong Qiu thanks for the quick response :)

It would be great to see this feature is made available sooner! Thanks

@Yong Qiu Any update on the ETA? :) 

@Yong Qiu Any update on the ETA? :) 

@Yong Qiu Hi - is this still on schedule for this month?

Any firm release date? We are in August 2019. Thanks.

@Sarah Bearbower  We are already in the stage of rolling out and will go to 100% Production in a few weeks.

@Yong Qiu This is great news.  If you need an instance to roll it to sooner rather than later. DM me.


@Yong Qiu This is great news! I am keen to use this feature that I have been waiting for a long time!

@Yong QiuDo you know if the upload attachment feature will support anyone with the link forms (anonymous users)? I've have a requirement for this feature within the next couple of weeks, which will require anonymous access, and wondering whether I should wait for the feature release or look for an alternative. Thanks.

@Yong Qiu Hi! I've recently created a form with the Upload file field but is not working- help, please. This form was rolled out to an internal team of 200 and I'm getting pinged constantly that is not working. What's the update with the upload field? was it rolled back recently? Files do not attach as such the responder can not move forward. 


Screen Shot 2019-09-01 at 1.09.21 AM.png


Hi Pam_Tellz, this bug has been fixed and sorry for the inconvenience.
Anonymous user will be supported in MVP2, thanks!

OK, Thanks! I'll keep an I out for v2 release @Yong Qiu