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When a respondant competes a form that I have sent them, I get an email notifying me that they have completed it and to click on the link  to view the results. I then follow this link and open the response in an excel spreadsheet.


I was wondering if there was a way for the excel spreadsheet that I can see when viewing the link to be attached directly to the email I receive notifying me of the response instead of just a notification. I have had a look at creating a flow for this but cannot seems to find or create a flow that allows me to do the above. Is there a way to do this?

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@Atowriss there are 2 things wrong in your get response details action:

1) In the Form ID you need to select the form from the dropdown, not type its name in the field (but you might have already done this). The only exception to this is if it's a group form where you copy the ID of the form into the field.


2) In the Response ID field the only thing that must be there is Response ID selected from the dynamic content box. For some reason you've got resourcedata and body there as well.


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Hi, Came across this topic, Just wondering how you get the format tools within the body object (HTML is enabled)..? (Fonts/Bold Etc)... Thanks In Advance 

@Brett_Inology click the </> code view button then add html tags:




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@RobElliott Thanks, I couldn't see the symbol, realised it was a V2 not V3 send email...  Its there now I swapped it out and working great, thanks for your help....