Any way to input new client info and get responses all in one team chat?

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For our firm we have a handful of people who answer calls from potential new clients; they take basic info such as name, email, issue, etc. before sending the responses by e-mail to all of the attorneys. Any of the attorneys can respond back offering a consult or a referral, and the employee who took the call will follow up with the potential client.


Is there a way to streamline this into a Teams chat? I have looked into forms but I haven't seen the capability as far as I've tested it. I'm looking for a way to create a form that has inputs for various basic info that can then be sent easily to attorneys within that teams group allowing them to respond to the form within teams, all the while resetting the initial form so that it may be easily used for the next client call.


Is this possible? Sorry if this has been asked before; I looked all over and couldn't find any discussions that were similar!

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@Willh01 if it's any help I'll give you the details of what I built for IT support tickets submitted in my company of 1000 staff. It doesn't use Teams (except where noted below), though could do, but uses a combination of Forms, a SharePoint list with Power Apps customised forms and several flows in Power Automate to link it all up. 


A user can complete a form (Microsoft Forms) embedded in a page on the IT Support part of our intranet. Or if they call then a member of our team can log the details on their behalf.


A flow in Power Automate picks that form up and saves the details to a list in SharePoint, emails the head of our support  team alerting him that a new ticket has been raised (and we've had over 6000 in the last 12 months) and emails the user with a ticket number and the details of what they submitted as some sort of confidence that we've received it and are dealing with it.


The head of our IT support team "triages" this new list item by editing it in a Power Apps customised form, and he works out which team or member of staff it should be routed to. He clicks a button in the form which triggers another flow that sends an email to the assignee with the details and a link back to the item in the SharePoint list. The assignee can add comments or ask questions via buttons on the form which triggers another flow and sends an email to the user, just save some info without sending it anywhere or can add what she/he has done and click a button a button to close the ticket which triggers yet another flow with the comments and switches the status to closed.


There are various different views of the list: which tickets are open, which have been assigned to me, which are closed and we can filter by user, assignee or any of the other info in the ticket.


We wouldn't be able to use Teams chat to help with this although we do use it for conversations between our team members about individual tickets. But the rest of the system couold be moved into Teams.


If any screenshots or more detailed info would be helpful I can provide this.


Our business really likes this system because users get informed quickly of what is happening on their case, our teams are closing cases much more quickly, we can run stats easily and it's an easy system to use and understand.




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