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Dear Forms community,


I have run an internal company MS Forms survey and have collected results, where I can see the answers for each (non-anonymous) respondent. Before presenting these to management, I want to remove the names besides the results so that they are not biased by their knowledge of each individual. It is important to keep each respondent's information, should we require further clarification on certain short/long answer questions.


Is there a simple way to remove their names (or anonymize), which does not require extracting the data and post-processing outside of the WebApp?

Thank you!


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@t1b3r1u5 no, that's no do-able, you would need to do some post-processing with a flow and SharePoint or Power BI.


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@RobElliott Thank you for the clarification. I suppose that I will create a feature request for that then on the other MS site.