Analyzing the responses of a Microsoft From right after submitting without email

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Hi there !

I am trying to figure out how can I display the results of the evaluation of a From Submit, without the user to provide an email.
The queries shall be anonymous and I do not demand an email.
I'd like to be able to display a PowerBI Page for example, made of the global statistics, and the statistics and the current post for the user.

Is there a way to pass to a URL with the ID of the responses for example, or anything else ?
I'm using a M365 account.
Thank you !

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@Philippe_Pecqueur what we always do is to use a flow in Power Automate to save the responses into a SharePoint list. Not only does this help with auditing the responses but it allows for doing color-coding or other formatting based on a response, you can connect Power BI to it for further analysis and so on. It works very well.


A simple example is in the image below, and you can add follow-on actions like send an email for example:


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@RobElliottThank you for your reply, and I could see this good hint in some places.


But as I mentioned, I wish to analyse the responses RIGHT AFTER  submiting the form, the goal is to gather the data, but do not request and email, and display the analysis for the user anyway ( his own analysis, not the global ones, with just simple rules )

It seems not possible with Forms...