"Add a question" options list

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This is starting to look like what I've been after for a long while, but it doesn't yet have quite the functionality that my organisation needs. Close though! There is a similar form on Google docs, but we can't use that because Google keep hold of data, which we can't allow for data protection and safeguarding reasons!


The Google doc allows the option of "send a copy of this form to....." and you can then create a list of responses which are email addresses. So when it is submitted, a duplicate of the completed form is sent to a third party.


When creating the form, I would like to add the email addresses of 8 colleagues as a response option. This would then send a word or PDF document of the form to these people (in our case, the Head of Year or Senior School leader) as they may need a copy of the form also - not just the owner of the form.


There are currently 5 options: Choice, Quiz, Text, Rating and Date. Would it be possible to add a 6th option of "send copy of form to"..?

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