Allowing External Uses to Upload Attachments in Forms

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Does anyone know if there is an update on allowing external users to add attachments? For example, resumes and documents from clients. Or is there a workaround for this? This seems pretty basic and the last update I found was in 2019. 

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@melissamarie this doesn't appear to have progressed. There are several requests for it which you can vote for, for example at


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This answer, from MS, doesn't make sense, because there are many other workarounds to upload files into Microsoft Tenant, just an example is by using onedrive in combination with power automate and ms forms. Thus, I don't understand why MS makes harder our life in developing new solutions just like a form open to externals and allowing them to upload files.
Please it's been since 2020 People asking for this feature, it would be time to put it on.
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Microsoft Forms customers have been requesting the ability to allow uploads from external users for years! When can we expect this feature to be added to Microsoft Form’s development pipeline? This feature enhancement request formerly lived at this link (no longer active) What is the status of this enhancement request? Upvotes on this enhancement request thread as of June 2022 was 10,369 votes