Allow form respondents to save and continue to fill the form later

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In our company we use sharepoint and MS 365 Business every day. MS Forms is very intuitive and esasy to handle, thats great! I made a long survey on sustainability topics to our members. Then I got feedback that in many cases more than one person in the adressed member companies have to work together according to their expertise... so they need the option to save the survey, send it to another colleague who can conitnue answering the question... Right now I have to look to alternative tools to fullfill this very important option. But I would prefer to continue my survey (where I already put more than one week of effort) in MS Forms. Is there already any timeline, when Mircrosoft will implement this function?


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@Nick_Grace FormAssembly is great.

I would also very much love to see the save and resume functionality for Microsoft Forms.



Agreed. I also need this feature. Otherwise I must use a different product like google forms or SM.

Agree. the Save & Resume feature is crucial and should be prioritized!

@BGossard I am in the same situation. We just designed 160 questions survey that takes over 30 minutes to complete. My staff would want to have the feature of saving and resuming their surveys over a period of time. It boggles my mind that almighty Microsoft overlooked this feature. Please hurry with the fixes.





@EBottahhaisla It's madness not to have a save and continue later button for a long form.  A simple change but now we've wasted a lot of time creating a form and will need to use another tool.  

Just to say I am another person who also thinks this feature would be extremely useful :smiling_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Another perfect example of Microsoft launching an underwhelming product to business customers and doing no further development on it.


Why not a simple option to save and resume? So easy to implement for 365 users who are signed in, partial responses tied with their account. But it seems no-one at MS considered this a useful feature to implement and need it to be pointed out by Joe Bloggs (over a year and a half ago in this case).


Keep up the good work guys!

Microsoft Customer Voice, which is the old Forms Pro, has this feature.
I too would like to see a Save and Continue Later option added to MS Forms - especially since they've been integrated somewhat into MS Teams.

@Jon_Kay I'm disappointed a "save and return" function hasn't been implemented after being requested for such a long time. I want to use MS Forms because it's seamless at my organization, but as others have mentioned, I'll need to resort to SurveyMonkey. 

@Matthias1234 - I completely agree.  This a very useful addition and will help to elevate this product to similar functionality as Survey Monkey or Gravity Forms.  Unfortunately, because of this limitation I have to pick and choose when to use MS Forms and when to use Gravity/Survey Monkey (which isn't ideal when looking for uniformity).