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I am creating a survey on Microsoft Forms and one of the questions is in a checkbox form with multiple selections possible. The question is "which of the following do you consume most often?" and the answer are:





e)N/A- I do not consume dairy


If someone checked by mistake "yogurt" and then "N/A-I do not consume dairy", both boxes remain checked. How should I proceed if I want to allow multiple selections, but if someone answers "N/A", all other selections get unchecked automatically? 


Thank you! :) 

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@carine921122 how you've described it is not possible with Forms at the moment. But there is a very simple solution using branching. First add a Choice question "Do you consume dairy products?" with Yes and No as the possible answers.


Then if the user answers "No" go to the end of the form or to some other questions. But if they answer "Yes", via branching you show another question with the multi select options that you want them to choose from.




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@RobElliott thank you for your advice! I did not think of it that way!