Adding new entries as many times as needed in MS Forms

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Hello everyone,


Kindly I'd really appreciate 

I have built a Microsoft form and linked it into a share point where the data is stored.


The form consists of several sections and has dependencies which I used the Branching for.


I want the user to be able to go back and add new entries to some of the questions without filling out the other unrelated sections/ questions. And bare in mind that I don't want to keep adding the sections many times and use the branching because I don't have a specific number for the entries.


I tried adding a section that includes the required questions/ fields that I want the user to fill out as many times as he/ she needs and used the branching to allow him to go back to the section but he can only do that one time or as per the number of the added copies of the section.


MS Forms doesn't allow me to link a section/ question to a previous section/ question.


I don't want any duplications neither in the form or the stored data.


For example: Q: Do you have any other entries? Answers: Yes/ No. If yes, the user will be led to a previous questions/ sections to fill them out again as many times as needed.

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@White_Tulips no, there's no way to do that in Forms.


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Thanks Rob for the reply, but how would you do it? Is there any technical solution to tackle this problem?
Not with Forms there isn't.