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Adding an image and Forms changing

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Hi everyone,


I'm making a forms with some introduction material. I want to add a table I created. Instead of trying to format the layout etc in forms I took a screenshot of the table and added to the form. When I insert the image Forms changes. Does anyone know why it does that? Does the image need to have specific dimensions or something like that?

Before inserting an ImageBefore inserting an ImageAfter inserting the imageAfter inserting the image



This purple shows on every question in forms after I insert the image.


Appreciate any help!

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I also noted the same. Very frustrating. I have one form that will not have any pictures, and one that will. So their formats will be different. 

I found on this page that you can "hide" a question at the end of the form so that the formatting across the two documents will be the same. I'm not a huge fan of how it looks with the new formatting, but I'd rather have consistency.