Add Stream as a video source in Forms

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It is great that we can add Youtube hosted videos to Quizzes, however many schools now block Youtube. It would be really helpful if we could add a Stream option to give the same functionality.

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This is currently in development. Please see Microsoft 365 Roadmap here

Description: Add quizzes, polls and more to your Stream videos with a new integration with Microsoft Forms.

Hope that answers your question! Will be a great functionality to have Quizzes in Microsoft Forms on top of Microsoft Stream videos.

Best, Chris

@Christopher Hoard "will be released in Q2 CY2019."


There must be a typo there, because Q2 2019 is past.

@Kevin Crossman - Yeah a typo for sure. I thought for a moment they overshot the date but then they didn’t even add it to the roadmap until January :face_with_tears_of_joy:

Thanks from that, I’ve pulled the date from above :white_heavy_check_mark:

Best, Chris