Add "Other" Option has disappeared

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I created a quiz in Microsoft Forms a few weeks ago that, when creating a Choice question, had the ability to Add "Other" Option at the bottom.


Now I'm making another quiz, and I don't have an Add "Other" Option. Is this just a glitch or am I missing something?

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Indeed I can confirm Add Other option is missing on Standard forms however its there for Forms PRO.  Has this basic feature simply been pulled without any communication and transitioned to only Forms PRO?  Seems like a ridiculous concept if this is true or possibly a bug?

@Brian Zwart You chose "quiz" instead of Form.

I have the same problem and the add other option is not available in Quiz or Forms.

@Raya_Anderton   I encountered this today 9 Jan 2021 and found I could reactivate it by zooming the browser out to 25%.  It is a bug related to screen scroll not being integrated it looks to me like.

I found I can also see the add option feature by manually tabbing through all previous entries!