Add pause feature to video backgrounds

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Simply, when a video background is used it should be pause enabled for the end user for accessibility reasons. For example when filling out a form or survey and there is a background of fireworks it can be distracting to a diverse audience.


People who may need to pause the video background

- People with ADHD

- People with Visual Snow or other visual disturbances
- People living with Autism and even General Anxiety
- People with Epilepsy or other seizure considerations

- People with Narcolepsy that can be triggered by unexpected events or emotions

- People who live with migraine disorders

- People who experience vestibular disturbances and who may feel nausea (motion sickness)

- People who live with dyslexia where color is a factor in comprehension of non verbal communication

- People who live with synthesisea who may literally experience taste from colors


The functionality might be appealing to some and may cause issues for others. A pause feature would mitigate a wide range of unforeseen consequences.

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@jordy80 you can add this as a suggestion in the official Microsoft Feedback Portal. The address for the Forms section is


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