Add more capabilities to forms: rules and response auditing

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I tried out forms this morning and, while quaint and interesting, there is potential which has not been unlocked. I think there is a need for additional question making functionality or rule building



I tried to set up a 5 point rating system for multiple individuals on a team.

There is a question for each person> Each person can get 1, 2, 3, 5, or 5 points.

I need a way to create a global or umbrella rule which encompasses or bounds a set of questions/responses.

The rule I need to create is the sum of all the points awarded to 5 individuals can be no more than 5.

This allows people to award all 5 points to one person or 1 point to all individuals or anything in between but it prevents people from awarding more than the available 5 points total.


Let me know if this can be done another way

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