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I made a flow that sends an email when a form is submitted. I didn't share the form, but I made it available for colleagues in a tab in a team on MS Teams. Worked perfectly fine, but it used my email address as the sender address regardless of the responder. In the text field of the mail where I used the dynamic content ‘Responders' email’ it showed the address of the responder.


So I filled the ‘Send As’ field in the advanced section of the ‘Send an email’ part of the flow with the dynamic content ‘Responders' email’.

Within the forms configuration I specified that only persons in my organization may respond.


Now when I submit the form it fills in ‘Anonymous’ instead of my email address in the tekst field of the email.

When someone else (a colleague) fills in the form the ‘Send an email’ part of the flow gives an error end the mail isn't sent at all.


The error it gives is:

‘You are not authorized to send mail on behalf of the specified sending account.

clientRequestId: bc2d3900-c504-467e-a8d5-4e2f8dd02967

serviceRequestId: 4bea73ed-a0b6-45a8-8983-4b22a66a6d8d’


What am I doing wrong?

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Hi, @Huub_Jonker, a flow will always send the email from you as the creator of the flow if you use the "Send an email (v2)" action. If you use the "Send an email notification (v3)" action it will send the email from "Microsoft PowerApps and Flow". There aren't any other options currently.

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Hi @Huub_Jonker 


In addition to what @RobElliott has said, you also have another option which is to use Send an email from a shared mailbox (V2).


Basically if you have full access to a Shared mailbox, you can have emails sent from that email address instead of from your own account. 


I do this for all my flows and have it come from a general mailbox address (e.g. which keeps all comms in that mailbox as well.


Once you have permissions, in Mailbox Address, just use enter the shared mailbox email and you are good to go. 




Well worth a look if you can organised a Shared mailbox to work out of.