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Hi All,

We are looking to implement a global access request process which includes MS Form, Flow and Azure. We have different regions which use their own Office 365 domains. In order to allow users from different domains to access MS form, what do we need to do? Is there any connector to allow cross-domain access to Office 365?





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Hi Pravin


Not that I am aware of or have seen (Forms is still in the early stages of evolution and I haven't seen anything in the Office 365 roadmap as yet for this), but maybe @Deleted might have more to say on this?




Only thing you can do is really use the Anyone can fill out the form option. There isn't any kind of cross tenant authentication / federation for stuff like that unless you invite them all as guests, but even then not sure Forms would put you in the Organization umbrella. 


Current state any real form workflow outside the tenant is 3rd party form solutions. 

Chris, do you think the Flow and Azure aspects may be impacted if the Form was set to 'Anyone can fill out the form' depending on the config (since we don't know what Pravin is intending this might be too open ended)?

I haven't personally tried using an 'Anyone can fill out the form' option with a Flow/Azure config as yet.

It works, but you have to collect information such as who's filling it out (e-mail address etc) vs. using it for the Org you get those built in fields such as e-mail etc. So that's about the biggest difference. But that's just for collection of data. If there is moving data around in the flow, and all that other stuff it will be pretty problematic. There may be ways around it using logic apps or calling restAPI's or doing some fancy webhooks, but that goes outside my boundaries into heavy dev world :).
Yeah that's what I thought. Problematic depending on how that data is being redirected.

Onwards and upwards I say!

Thanks pal

@Damien Rosario and @Deleted thanks for all comments! If we change the setting to "Anyone with this link can respond", the big disadvantage is we cannot track down who submitted the response. All the responses are submitted as "Anonymous". Our Flow entirely depends on who ACTUALLY submits the form and then takes the decision. This is very important for compliance. We want only people from our organization (with different tenants) to respond and have access to this link.

Not something your going to be able to use Microsoft Forms for then. Outside of creating the same form/flow in every tenant that's about the only option you have using out of the box things.

Looks like you're going to have to look at some kind of 3rd party solution for collecting that data.
Agree with Chris. This is not an easy one to do in the way you need it done.

Hopefully someone has created a 3rd party tool for this.

Sorry we don't have a better answer for you.

Best wishes Pravin.


Yeah. That's the workaround I could think. Creating accounts in each tenant and managing it will be difficult though but it's the only option. I don't think so there is anything in the market right now but it'll be great to see something like that. 

Thanks for your comments @Damien Rosario and @Deleted




We are happy to be of assistance Pravin.

I would suggest selecting the response you thought answered the question to close this topic and so that users in future can refer to what we have disscused.

I'm sure you are not the only one who will want to do a cross tenant authenticated form!

Best wishes for your survey!