Ability for the user to delete his data (on 1 line) in the - via Forms created - Excel sheet.

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I am planning to make a subscription list for the employees. A sort of alert list for upcoming and actual IT issues. That way we can inform them via SMS if they subscribe themself via a Forms to add their own data to the Excel sheet.
But is it also possible for users to unsubscribe via the form? And more, is it possible to have their data deleted automaticly when they chose to unsubscribe?


Thanks in advance.

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@KrisVB a user is not able to able to even even see their entry on the spreadsheet behind the form let alone delete a row from it. That is unless it is a Group form and they are part of the group or they have been given the share to collaborate link (not recommended).


To get users to subscribe they can do this with the form as you already plan, but then a flow in Power Automate should grab that response and save it into a SharePoint list.


To unsubscribe a separate form and flow would need to be built to check the subscribers list and remove the person. This would be based on their email address as that is unique. 


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Thanks for the information. I'll look into it.
I was hoping to receive some other options/advice here, but it will be a more difficult matter than expected.
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