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I've been working on a Microsoft form to act as a handover sheet internally, I have over 200 questions I need to put on it and once I reached 100 realised there was a limit. Is there anyway round this or another Microsoft product that might work better? 


Thank in advance 

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You are right about this limit, it's not documented very well but can't be overridden as I understand it.  You'd have to split the form into two parts for example, it would be worth adding your support to increase this limit in Microsoft Forms Suggestion Box:


increase the limit to add questions in a form

You will need to use a PowerApp instead and store the data in a SharePoint list, common data model if you all have P1 licences or a SQL Azure database. You can create different screens in the PowerApp to split up the form or use grouping to hide and show sections of the form.
2nd what Allen said, depending if you have an external need or not, Forms might be your only option.

If it is internal then you have PowerApps as Allen pointed out, or you can just use SharePoint list as well but keep in mind the limits around column maximums. This would also pertain to a PowerApp being backed by a SharePoint list.

Hi @amyalice07


In addition to the above suggestions, you could also try splitting the questions across two forms, and linking the two forms together in Microsoft Forms by providing a URL to form two in the customised message when they finish form one.


It could be something like:


You have completed part one of the form. When ready please click the link below to begin part two.



The side benefit to this workaround is that 200 questions is a lot to do so breaking up the form gives the responder a bit of a breather (in my opinion).


Best wishes with your Form!





P.S. @Chris Webb, congrats on your MVP! Well deserved!


Or you could just use SurveyMonkey and Integrate it with Microsoft Teams


SurveyMonkey has a limit of 5000 questions per survey


Best, Chris