New features of Microsoft Forms Sept 2017

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Teams and Forms Integration 

In Microsoft Teams, you can now use the Microsoft Forms app to quickly conduct a poll in a conversation through the Microsoft Forms bot. By adding a Forms tab, you may invite others to respond to a survey, collaborate on one together, and check results as a team. Your team can also configure a connector to provide daily notifications on a survey to a channel.  Find more at Microsoft Teams and Microsoft Forms Integration.sept-1.PNG


Microsoft Forms SharePoint web part

In SharePoint, you can now use the Microsoft Forms web part to insert a form directly on your page. Others can take the survey in SharePoint and you can also share survey results with a group of people. This web part can be used in both a communication site and teams site. Find more at SharePoint web part powered by Microsoft Forms sept-2.PNG


Share Results with a Link 

You can now share survey results with others through a link. Anyone who has the link can access the summary view of the form responses.sept-3.PNG


Preview URL card

Copy a Forms web address and paste it into a Teams conversation or OWA email. The web address will transform into a user-friendly preview card that contains useful information.sept-4.PNG


All features are under rolling out and will be available for your organization soon.

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Wanted to see if there's a site that has detailed updates to Forms much the same as other Office 365 products. Have a couple issues that were answered with an infrastructure change or update coming in mid October but have not seen any updates or details on those.


Scoured the internet looking for something like what you can find on other Office 365 products and at least a Road Map.




@Kathy Liu I don't see the Microsoft Forms web part in modern SharePoint pages yet.  Our tenant is set up as first release for select users.  I am one of the selected users on First Release.  Should I be seeing this new Microsoft Forms web part yet?  


Hi - we have started to look at Forms and we are interested in the the ability to embed forms into existing applications and Dashboards within power BI. Are there any plans to allow greater control of UI. We have some specific branding we would like to adhere to and we cannot quite do what we need to do with the options that are available at this moment in time. 

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I would like to integrate my web app with forms.  is that possible?

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