Write user data back to onpremise AD

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I would like to have a person in Azure AD change the user data (phone number, address, ...) The changed data should then be written back to the onpremse AD via AD Connect (the users are already created in the onpremse AD and transferred to the Azure AD via AD Connect). What is the best way to proceed?


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Hello Stefan,
This is not possible today. AAD Connect primarily syncs identities from on prem AD to Azure AD, there are some write back capabilities but these are features like device write back, exchange hybrid write back, password write back and Other attributes here like msds-keycredentiallink for when a user provisions windows hello for business.

You will need to provide a way for your users to update the local directory so that information is synced then to Azure AD.

The goal is to get a filled address book in Exchange online.
Is it possible to maintain the fields like "phone number" in Azure AD and keep them only in Azure AD? Even if the user is a user synced with Azure AD?